When Thor was a girl pt 4: The truth will crush you but it will also set you free

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Universe X starts, and we first see Thor crying on the moon about some life-shattering discovery. This is one of those stories-that-start-with-the-ending type of scenes and in it we see that Thor already starts becoming aware that his brother was telling the truth.

But if Thor is not Thor and he isn’t a hero then what is he? Unlike Loki who found relief and anger from not being Loki Thor just finds despair and grief.

Also last panel, the yellow narration box, again with the he-she pronoun character confusions! The characters want to call Thor a he but they see him as a woman and immediately correct (or incorrect) themselves.

Initially when I made this post I referred to Earth X’s Thor as a she but seeing how in this comic Thor thinks of himself as a he (despite what other character say) I went and changed it all to the male pronoun (but I am leaving the Lady Thor tag for reasons though).

Anyway back to before Thor makes that horrible realization, with the Celestials defeated and Loki no longer evil, Odin allows Thor to return to Midgard. Thor continues protecting the Earth and doing things I am not getting into because it will complicate this whole post, but she’s hanging out with the other heroes and not being very ladylike.

Except while Thor is physically a girl, mentally he’s not so he does get to say that.

Oh and Steve dies (cue Cap fans that follow me screaming at me to make an Earth X Steve post, believe me I want to but crap that is going to be complicated) and we get to see Thor without his helmet and cape (and Mjolnir is gold for some reason).

I love Thor’s speech, it’s good and touching and gives me a lot of Thor and Steve buddy feelings (There’s a lot of good moments with Thor doing awesome stuff or giving good speeches after Steve dies, here, JMS’s run and Thor turning a dying Steve into a star in MC2’s Last Hero Standing).

Eventually Loki (who is now a hideous noseless Harlequinn creature because he’s still finding his own identity) has a talk with Surtur about their whole lives being fake and tries to tell him to move on and not be a hateful fire Demon anymore.

And it seems like Surtur is convinced, eventually Loki tries to have a talk with Thor about it too but it doesn’t go well.

"Ewww dude, you’re like my brother, that’s nasty.

Don’t be grossed out! We’re not really brothers! So it’s cool! I don’t know what I’m going to be but you bet we’re not brothers, nope! Now hug me

Thor obviously doesn’t react that well

Feel free to feel bad for Loki (he wasn’t really in control of his bad actions) but you have to understand Thor:

1) Loki convinced an already deranged Odin turn Thor into a woman against Thor’s will

2) Loki degraded and made fun of him

3) Loki caused trouble in Midgard and kept Thor trapped in that realm with a threat, Loki had made a spell which would forever trap Thor in Asgard if he returned there and making him unable to protect Midgard thus freeing Loki to cause mischief on Earth without Thor bothering him.

4) Loki onspired with Clea to fool Thor into going to the Realm of the Dead and trap her there then used Clea to make Thor take her to Asgard and trap both of them there.

So yeah Loki pretty much put Thor through the ringer, and now making he’s making him really uncomfortable (coming on to him despite the fact that Thor still views him as a brother and then trying to hug him after all that he’s done) Even if Loki means well now, Thor thinks Loki is still playing with him and doesn’t really trust him.

So Thor and kid Mar-Vell go to the moon, they have an encounter with the Supreme Intelligence, and we finally get to know what was the thing that perturbed Thor when the story started.

It was kid Mar-Vell picking up her hammer.

Which according to Earth X’s Thor is something no mortal can do

Which doesn’t make much sense considering the others who have picked Thor’s hammer were mortals (Beta Ray Bill, Steve, Eric Masterson, etc…) I guess those things never happened here and no mortal can pick it up in Earth X (which is heavily based on 60’s Silver Age Marvel which is pre-Walt Simonson run and back then no being other than Thor and Odin could pick up the hammer).

So Kid Mar-Vell picking up Mjolnir put a seed of doubt in Thor’s mind, but what did finally convince Thor that Loki was right? It was seeing her brother save the Earth from Victor Creel (The Absorbing Man and one of the villains that Loki himself created) and pretty much see his brother commit a selfless act (which apparently is such an UnLoki thing to do).

So Universe X ends with Thor going to the cave where Donald Blake found the hammer of Thor.

And thus Thor was a girl no more.

Nor was he Thor anymore.

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