This is out of context (if you need to know Leo, the other turtles and Casey get blown up in Nevada and then Leo wakes up in Casey and April’s house and no ones remembers the Nevada incident except Leo who vaguely does) but I am really uploading this because of the Shadow and Leo cuteness.

Besides Mikey, Leo is the turtle uncle who Shadow has the most adorable chemistry with. They don’t interact with each other as much as Shadow does with Mikey and Raph but there are a lot of Tales of TMNT pin-up pages and comic panels with Leo embracing Shadow or holding her close (in one story he even orders his brothers to help Casey and April while he stays behind and looks over Shadow). 

It’s my headcanon that Leo likes children (I think all the turtles do in their own way) and that he would like to have some of his own some day in the future. Since Shadow was also raised by the the Turtles and Splinter and they all have watched her grow up, she’s kind of the closest thing they have to a daughter so Leo’s really protective and affectionate towards her.

From TMNT vol.2 #13

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