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“When I was a kid, I used to have this parakeet. Sometimes, when I’d open his cage to clean it, he’d escape. The little bird would see the backyard and make his move. Invariably, he’d head straight for the window, fast as he could and inevitably, crack his head on…

This is beautiful, Dwayne McDuffie was a really good writer and I am forever thankful of him for creating diverse characters in the Milestone universe at DC which lead to the creation of Static Shock which then was adapted into one of my favorite cartoons as a child. He also wrote episodes of (and produced) Justice League Unlimited which had diverse 3-dimensional female characters that were funny, strong, charismatic, interesting, with believable problems and full-fleshed relationships with other male and female characters in the show.

Mcduffie always tried to diversify his cast in his stories, give voice to the characters that otherwise wouldn’t be heard and make comics enjoyable for everyone.

I wish Editorial mandate hadn’t fucked up his last Justice League run, it was interesting and he wanted to do so many interesting things but DC prevented him from using the characters he wanted and kept interrupting him with events and other stupid shit.

But even then his JLA run was interesting and compelling, he made Black Canary the leader of the JLA, he dedicated a story arc to Vixen, he made me care about Red Tornado. Overall the team cared about each other and they all felt real.

Of course in the end DC undid everything.

There’s also this hilarious spoof pitch he made to Marvel. Seriously he brought up issues of tokenism and stereotyping on the industry and he did something about it!

I am saddened that he died but I am also thankful for all that he did. I hope in the future more people follow in his footsteps, because the comic industry desperately needs more people like McDuffie.

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    This is beautiful, Dwayne McDuffie was a really good writer and I am forever thankful of him for creating diverse...
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    Just read what I had to say today in honor of Mr. McDuffie.
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