Ultimate Marvel: The Odin Family 

Odin, Balder, Thor, Loki, Hela, and Modi.

Some fun facts:

In the Ultimate Marvel verse Balder is the eldest brother, Thor is the middle child, Loki is the youngest.

Loki is not adopted into the Odin family, as a matter in fact he is actually Odin’s biological son with the the Frost Giant Queen, in this universe he’s not Laufeyson just Odinson.

Loki has a Frost Giant half-brother named Mammoth.

Hela and Loki are not related at all, so Thor and Hela doing it and having Modi is not incest in this universe (they still managed to make it creepy though).

Ultimate Odin so far seems like a cool dad, gives advice to his sons, forgives them, stucks them in the room without doors just so they don’t get killed, he also likes to get drunk on mead and party with bears.

I don’t know where these panels are from, so if someone can tell me I will appreciate it very much :)

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    Ultimate Marvel: The Odin Family Odin, Balder, Thor, Loki, Hela, and Modi. Some fun facts: In the Ultimate Marvel verse...
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    Hom. This has now made me very interested in Thor storyline in the Ultimates. Mayhap I should try and read it.
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    Yeah at first I was like “Don’t know if I should add Hela” especially from what you guys said about blackmailing Thor,...
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    And blackmail isn’t consent hence I don’t conder Hela part of the family.But then I menatally retcon everything Loeb...
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    Ultimate Fallout. Trade out soon. Yeah Hela basically blackmails Thor into giving her a son, and pregnant Hela is...
  17. thatblackwidowgirl said: So do you like Ultimate Thor? Cause I keep having a tough time getting into the Ultimates Universe. They always do such random shit, but I’ve never read just Thor.