Unlike Movie!Loki who was Odin’s son from the start, Comic!Loki grew up with Laufey and the Frost Giants until Laufey was defeated by Odin in battle.

Loki didn’t have a happy childhood, Laufey was ashamed of him for his stature and would beat and abuse him, because of that Loki really hated him. Little Loki really didn’t like being in Jotunheim, he believed the Frost Giants had no ambitions and that their battles with the Asgardians were futile for the Frost Giants would always die and they could not defeat them.

When Odin comes and slays Laufey, little Loki feigns being devastated by it so Odin would take notice of him. It works for Odin adopts him as his son and takes him back to Asgard. This begins the start of so many woes for the Odin family, for Loki becomes even more angry as he perceives people treat him as a second class citizen, becomes jealous and hateful of Thor, and his thirst for power grows even more.

Those last two panels are a semi-alive Laufey after being beaten by Odin and a time traveling older Loki (lol comics) taking his frustration out on his biological father.

This is why I always roll my eyes when people say Comic!Loki is a one dimensional mustache twirling villain, the guy has suffered through a lot if not even more than what Loki suffered through the movie. He didn’t grow up in Asgard from the start, he grew up in Jotunheim with barbaric Frost Giants. He didn’t have Odin and Frigga from the start, he had a “brutish and cruel” father and a “stupid and slow” mother, both who he held no love for and probably because both didn’t give much of a shit about him.

He is angry, spiteful, hateful, and is through being pushed around, he wants to be the one to push everyone around. And in his quest for power he has directed that very bile towards his step-brother Thor just because Thor is loved by all and is the opposite of what Loki is.

Loki was not comfortable with himself since he was becoming too predictable and nothing had changed for him, so during Siege when the heroes were fighting the Sentry, he jumps in boosts the heroes powers and in a “selfless act” attacks the Sentry and gets killed by him. It’s later revealed by Hela to Thor that Loki was just too fed up with himself and wanted to be reborn anew without the hate and all that baggage he was carrying.

Currently Loki is back to being a little kid, and this time around he loves his brother to the point that his current quest revolves around him trying to save Thor from a suicide battle with the Serpent. Only time will tell if he goes back to being who he was.

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